Latest Updates

We are pleased to announce that from April 20th, a limited number of seats on each train will be available for RHDRA members on a pre-booked basis only. To book please go to and select tickets and timetables. You will be able to book online, selecting the RHDRA rate of £5.50 for Adults and £2.75 for Children. Demand will be high so book early to avoid disappointment. Members can also travel at full rate if they wish to travel on a particular train when no RHDRA seats are available.

We are pleased to announce that from April 20th, members will be able to claim a journey using their free pass by emailing [email protected] including your first name, surname, member number, a contact phone number and email, plus your first preference of train date and time. You will then be contacted to discuss availability and alternative options if necessary. Members are reminded that the previous rules for free passes still apply ie. one journey per full member or one member of a family per annum.