Web Manager

This website is a major investment by the RHDRA, and we were delighted at first when a new member offered to bring great skills to overseeing it – sadly, and for good reasons – this was a commitment that could not be sustained. The following is an outline of what we need – if this is something that interest you, please contact the Chair, Simon Foulkes, for an introductory chat: [email protected].

Purpose of Volunteer Role

As the charity’s Web Manager you will be responsible for the maintenance and publishing duties on our website, working collaboratively with the Trustees and helping to ensure the charity gains increased online presence. The Web manager’s functions in the discharge of these responsibilities will include without limitation the following matters in relation to the Association’s website:

Task Description

  • Maintaining the website by uploading, updating, and removing content
  • Liaison with the trustees and members to obtain content
  • Handling technical difficulties, or securing help where needed
  • Ensuring copyright and privacy regulations and legislation are fully complied with
  • Posting material produced by the Association on the website
  • In conjunction with the Chairs of the Portfolio Groups and other trustees and authorised members, commissioning or evaluating materials for inclusion on or removal from the Association’s website
  • Communicating with the Railway and linking the Association’s website to appropriate sections of the railway’s website
  • Investigating and recommending to the Association’s trustees enhancements or replacement of the website infrastructure
  • Ensuring in consultation with the Chair of the Association and the Trustees from time to time that the website infrastructure is kept in good repair

Skills and Personal Qualities

  • Working knowledge of WordPress
  • Excellent IT and problem solving skills
  • Ability to take a pro-active approach
  • Good communication skills, good command of written English
  • Be able to learn and adopt editorial policy and procedures, and to comply with all policies of the RHDRA
  • A member of the RHDRA

Availability and location:

  • The web Manager is expected to be able to use their own computer equipment and broadband supply for this voluntary role
  • Location is versatile so long as you have reliable internet connections
  • Weekly commitment will vary, but there is an expectation that communication from Trustees and Members will be responded to promptly and appropriately.
  • Desired commitment to the role of two years or more

The Web manager will be appointed by the Chair of the Association in consultation with the Trustees.  The Web manager shall be an individual with the necessary information technology experience to undertake such a role.  Subject to that, he or she may (but need not necessarily) be a Trustee of the Association. The Web manager will be responsible for the maintenance and updating of the Association’s website, acting in consultation with the Association’s Chair and trustees from time to time.  The Web manager will also liaise as appropriate with the Railway to ensure that the information and entries on the Association’s website are at all times consistent with and complementary to the information on the Railway’s website.  The Web manager will report to the Chair of the Association and with the agreement of the Chair to the Chairs of individual Portfolio Groups of the Association.  

For more information:

Visit our website to find out more about what we do, including our special projects fund, heritage interpretation centre, and the structure of the website itself.