Our Trustees

The Association’s Constitution requires there to be a Management Committee including four Officers: the Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Membership Secretary. The members of the Committee are the Trustees of the charity.

Trustees have duties prescribed by the charity legislation, and are accountable to members through the Constitution and General Meetings.

All Trustees can be contacted by email in the format [email protected]

The current Officers are:

Chair: Simon Foulkes

Simon Foulkes

Treasurer: Stuart Goyns

Stuart Goynes

Secretary: Simon Haynes

Simon Haynes

Membership Secretary and Vice-Chair: Ron Cook

Ron Cook

Portfolio Groups

The work of the Committee is split into four areas, known as “portfolio groups”. Each has a Trustee as chair.

1. Communication and Special Events –  Chair, Simon Haynes

2. Volunteering and Engagement – Chair, Andrew White

Andrew White

3. Education and Heritage – Joint Chairs, Andy Nash and Nigel Whitburn, Laura Jacques Facilitator (Laura is not a trustee)

Andy Nash        Nigel Whitburn        Laura Jacques

4. Finance, Liaison, and Compliance – Chair, Joe Bannister with Simon Foulkes, Richard Hearn and Stuart Goyns

Joe Bannister Richard Hearn

Richard Hearn has the honorary title of Clerk to the Trustees.

The remaining trustees not named above are linked to specific portfolio groups and may have specific responsibilities.

PERHAPS YOU MIGHT CONSIDER BECOMING A TRUSTEE?  if so please follow this link: becoming a trustee