Portfolio Groups

The work of the Committee is split into four areas, known as “portfolio groups”. Each has a Trustee as chair, and members as follows:

1. Communication and Special Events – Chair, Simon Haynes

Members: Ron Cook, Pat Newsome, Alex Ross

2. Volunteering and Engagement – Chair, Andrew White

Members:  Dave Bushell

email: [email protected]

3. Education and Heritage – Joint Chairs, Andy Nash and Nigel Whitburn

Members: Laura Jacques (Facilitator), Duncan Adam, Will O’Shea, Simon Parsons, Martin Swainson

email: [email protected]

4. Finance, Liaison, and Compliance – Chair, Joe Bannister

Members: Stuart Goyns (Treasurer), Simon Foulkes (Chair of RHDRA), Richard Hearn (Clerk to Trustees), Michael Morris, Graham Johnson

All chairs can be emailed using the format first [email protected]

  • The Duke of York drives the first train
    The Duke of York drives the first train