Supporting the Railway

Our aim is to “preserve and maintain the miniature trains and associated elements on the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway (the “Railway”) for the benefit and education of the public including without limitation by the provision of a heritage centre as well as providing the Railway with financial and human resources”.

The RHDR itself is run by a Company which has the aim of keeping the railway running for the long-term.

The Association and the Railway attempt to work closely and harmoniously together.

Our hope is that we can achieve our goals by:

  • opening a Heritage Centre to the public
  • continuing to raise money to support significant projects for the railway, including locomotive overhauls
  • inspiring our members to volunteer to work on the railway in their spare time.

We raise funds through subscriptions, legacies, donations, and special events. More information can be found here: Fundraising.

In 2017-18 the RHDRA main Working Parties contributed 2,565 person-days of input.

Samson’s overhaul was part funded by a £30,000 contribution from the RHDRA.

  • Loco No. 6 Samson

The Association supports the Railway through point of sale membership which enables customers to engage deeply with the Railway’s history and operations through the benefits of membership. This strategic connection is facilitated by a generous discount scheme offered by the Railway, and enables the RHDRA to build up an engaged membership which facilitates credibility in making grant applications.