Latest Updates

A Replica Armoured Train Gun-wagon

The RHDRA has decided to fund the building of a true replica of one of the two wagons, on an original Ravenglass Hopper frame.

We will use the expertise of Armoured Engineering of Old Romney, who restore tanks and military vehicles to museum specifications for e.g. the Bovington Tank Museum.

The project will provide not only as near a replica as possible, but also archive engineering drawings and specifications for future reference.

This goes way beyond the former wooden look-alike mock up to a serious scheme to conserve the railway’s heritage.

The cost is expected to be in the region of £30,000 and to last the railway well past the 100th anniversary.

A look-alike mock-up of the loco cladding will also be commissioned so that the train can be run for special events and publicity purposes.

Members who wish to support this venture can donate through the Special Projects Fund.

Black Prince and more

The AGM announced plans to begin major spending on railway initiatives including Black Prince’s overhaul, service provision for a new coach works, a new more robust and accurate replica for the armoured train, and defibrillators on stations.

Members who wish to support these ventures can donate through the Special Projects Fund.

Meanwhile, the website Phase I launched in February 2018.

Phase II of the website upgrade will bring membership online later in 2018, with member access from February 2019.


Remembering Sir William McAlpine

The RHDRA commemorated Sir William McAlpine with special cast plates fixed to ‘The Bug’ at an unveiling at the End of Season events 27th October 2018.