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A New Replica Armoured Wagon

The armoured train is a fact of RHDR history, surrounded by legend. A wooden mock-up replica was made in the 1990’s and used for special event days. It has always attracted a lot of interest, even on static display.

The RH&DRA commissioned a specialist company to produce a set of drawings of the wagon as it was originally, and what it became in its armoured guise, and to undertake the construction of a replica, using one of the original frames. As reported in Marshlander, and previously in these pages, the first part of the process the drawings has been completed. However the original frame was found to be too badly corroded and distorted to be able to be used. Costings were obtained to construct a totally new replica, however given the current financial situation of the Railway due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the project is currently on hold.

Once things return to normal and the finances of both the Railway and the Association have stabilised, hopefully further headway will be able to be made. In the meantime the frame has returned to New Romney for storage – and will eventually travel north to Ravenglass, where it originally came from, for eventual display in their museum.

RHDRA seeks people to volunteer for key roles

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Remembering Sir William McAlpine

Plates fixed to The Bug in memory of Sir William McAlpineThe RHDRA commemorated Sir William McAlpine with special cast plates fixed to ‘The Bug’ at an unveiling at the End of Season events 27th October 2018.

The Bug in October 2018