a NEW replica Armoured Train

The armoured train is a fact of RHDR history, surrounded by legend. A wooden mock-up replica was made in the 1990’s and used for special event days. It has always attracted a lot of interest, even on static display.

As a special project which will come to fruition 70 years after the  start of World War II when the original train was commissioned, the RHDRA is commissioning a specialist company to built as near a replica of one of the original armoured wagons, as is possible, with a full suite of drawings and documentation for our heritage collection.

A replacement wooden mock-up of locomotive armour will also be commissioned so that the replica can go out on the tracks for special events.

The cost of this high quality specialist work is high, but the result should be an accurate replacement, built on the original wagon-frame, which will last for many decades.

We are appealing for donations through the Special Projects Fund. Please support this exciting heritage venture, which will also serve as a memorial to those who served on the RHDR during the War.