Black Prince Overhaul 2019-20

Great news – this unique locomotive is now at John Fowler Engineering in Cumbria to be fully overhauled.

This company recently restored the ‘Train from Spain’ as the Ravenglass and Eskdale’s “Whillan Beck”, star of our 2019 Gala.

This has allowed the RHDR’s in-house engineering team to begin work immediately on Dr Syn, helping the railway catch up on the backlog created by Green Goddess’s encounter with the tractor.

The RHDRA has committed £60,000 of reserves to support the overhaul, which is roughly half the anticipated cost.

BUT WE CAN DO MORE. Members are already donating through the Special Projects fund. Every donation helps. One member recently gave £10,000. So we have launched an incentive scheme:

  • the two largest donors will each receive a footplate pass for the newly overhauled loco when she returns to service
  • three more footplate passes will be drawn from all remaining donors, so everyone has a chance!
  • the passes will be transferable

Please click here to donate now

Black Prince stored at New Romney
Stored at New Romney in 2019

below: at Ravenglass awaiting overhaul in October 2019