Special Projects Fund

Coronavirus and the RHDR


Without external funding the Railway will not be able to keep up essential maintenance work, house its fleet of locomotives securely, or keep all its dedicated specialist staff employed.

THE RHDRA TRUSTEES HAVE BEEN THROUGH OUR FINANCES very carefully. We have found we can offer the following, and the Board have accepted the offers as of 23rd July 2020:

1. Funds of £100,000 available to support projects as follows:

  • track and formation renewal from Reunion Halt (Golden Sands) to St Mary’s Bay Down Line
  • track and formation renewal from Prince of Wales Bridge to Hythe Up Line

2. Funds of £50,000 available as match-funding to total a further £100,000 to support the preparation of the New Engine shed to become the running shed, including cosmetic adjustment to the exterior to provide an in-keeping look to the building.

Fund-raising for the match-funded element above will be done collaboratively between the RHDR and the RHDRA.

There will be a concerted fundraising programme and we seek Members interested in joining this effort to work with designated trustees. Please contact [email protected] to discuss. More information will be given here when the personnel are in place.

Meanwhile all donations are welcome and can be made immediately through our Special Projects Donations portal.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION is now vital! Could we also take this opportunity to remind those Members who have yet to do so, to sign up with the new electronic membership system MemberMojo. It will really make a difference and will certainly make the way we communicate with you more efficient.


Black Prince  Newsflash April 2020

Costs of overhaul covered to date

The Association is very pleased to announce that the costs of overhaul so far have been covered by a direct grant of £60,000 from our charitable fund. This has been generously topped up by members, so that the railway has nearly £12,000 more to come.

The Chair of the Association, Simon Foulkes said:

“This support also helps the Railway cope with the current difficult situation. We could, it seems to me, do even more. If we could raise another £40,000, we could pretty well cover all the costs and assist with the Railway’s financial flexibility at the same time. Please consider making a donation to the special projects fund, earmarking it for Black Prince, through the link below.”

  • £60,000 to provide services for a new coach works

The first tranche payment has been made to the Railway, and works are well in hand.

  • and we have raised and spent the funds to open our Heritage Interpretation centre. Work remains to be completed on the internal displays and fittings, but this is in hand. All we need now is to be able to open the Railway!

All these projects will support and enhance the Railway’s operations and appeal.

Members who wish to support these ventures can donate through the link below, or by cheque to the Treasurer (contact details here).

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