Special Projects Fund

At the AGM plans were announced to begin major spending on railway initiatives including Black Prince’s overhaul, service provision for a new coach works, a new more robust and accurate replica for the armoured train, and defibrillators on stations. Offers have been made to the company of:

Black Prince  Newsflash April 2020

Costs of overhaul covered to date

The Association is very pleased to announce that the costs of overhaul so far have been covered by a direct grant of £60,000 from our charitable fund. This has been generously topped up by members, so that the railway has nearly £12,000 more to come.

The Chair of the Association, Simon Foulkes said:

“This support also helps the Railway cope with the current difficult situation. We could, it seems to me, do even more. If we could raise another £40,000, we could pretty well cover all the costs and assist with the Railway’s financial flexibility at the same time. Please consider making a donation to the special projects fund, earmarking it for Black Prince, through the link below.”

  • £60,000 to provide services for a new coach works

The first tranche payment has been made to the Railway, and works are well in hand.

This project is being reviewed, a major announcement is expected at the 2020 AGM.

All these projects will support and enhance the Railway’s operations and appeal.

Members who wish to support these ventures can donate through the link below, or by cheque to the Treasurer (contact details here).

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