Members’ Free Travel Pass

Members are reminded that rules for free passes still apply i.e. one journey per full member, or one member of a family per annum.

Free passes now come in the form of a barcoded small yellow plastic “tag”. The tags are issued at joining or renewal time and are valid for your membership year. Covid restrictions made it uneconomic to issue tags at all renewals so if you haven’t had one and need it before your renewal comes round, please contact [email protected]

There will be a limited number of privilege fares and free passes available to members on each train. There are also “turn up and buy” tickets and free rides available on a first come first served basis.

For certainty, booking as far in advance as possible will give you a better chance of securing the seats you would like.

For more details of train timetables, please check the RHDR website at  or call 01797 724000